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Ahh, the wonders of San Diego.
The warm weather, the...uh...Comic-Con...uh...yeah that's it.
Animation and Cartoon Network fan LivingFruitVirus is at the San Diego Comic-Con and reporting all the interesting goings-on, including panels, announcements and probably cosplayers, god-forbid.


[Adult Swim] Comic-Con Bumps
Get Your Con On!
Miscellaneous photos of William Street Peoples and Aqua Teen Characters from Comic-Con
Signing Table
So lonely...Maybe this happened to them too.
More Con-Nuggets
Only the San-Diego Comic-Con can allow this kind of fanbase cross-pollination. It must be destroyed.


Adult Swim Panel
New Family Guy episodes announced to much applause
And MC Chris falls out of his chair, drunk as hell, or maybe dead. Because he was drunk as hell.

Question about The Simpsons during Q&A session gets fanboy killed
In lieu of flowers, please send angry emails to his family.

Venture Brothers Inspirations
Drugs, drugs, and more drugs. And Monty Python. And Marvel Comics.

Meet the Panleists!
Bandai Panel
Jerry Chu promises Zeta Gundam
Jerry, you fool! Don't make promises in front of a rabid fanbase! The message board bitching will surely be your downfall!
FUNimation Panel
Problems with Yu Yu autographed cards not shipping
Free crap if you were mildly disappointed! It's a win-win situation!


Bruce Timm Explains Starcrossed
Bruce (not Batman) lets us all know why girls shouldn't be superheroes.

Bruce Timm Explains JL renewal with Justice League Unlimited
Bruce talks about Cartoon Network's requests for seasons 3 and 4 of Justice League, including self-contained episodes and a name change.
Cartoon Network Studios Panel
Warner Brothers Animation Panel
Finally...this green freak and his friends can go somewhere and be respected for once...even if it's only for the weekend.
Gotta catch 'em all...JLU!
Obviously, cups were not in short supply in San Diego.

Anime Distributor Booths
FUNimation - Geneon - ADV - Bandai - Tokyopop
Mezco Toys
Family Guy and Popeye, among others.

Palisades Toys
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Invader Zim, and Predator.

LFV's Lunch
Are you going to eat that? Because I sure wouldn't. What the hell IS that, anyway?


Comic-Con Opening Ceremony Fever...CATCH IT!
Adult Swim Panel: They Touched Me, I Died: Pitching Television Shows to [Adult Swim]
New Pilot information!
A nice look at the panel guests
What Not To Pitch
What Little Advice We Do Have
Sweet J - Seth Green's Project
Minori-Team - From the Crank Yankers creators
Tom Goes to the Mayor - Bob Odenkerk's Project
Decker the Panda
Kolgath the Barbarian
Tyrone, Lord of the Undead - Evan Dorkin's Project
Lucy-fer - by Soup 2 Nuts

Video Explaining the "What to Have" List
Show bible, real story, etc.

Loren Bouchard from Soup 2 Nuts
Loren talks about character development

Robotech Panelist Assembles Veritech Action Figure
In desperate need of the time-lapse photography that Hasbro uses.


A view of San Diego from his hotel
They have buildings in San Diego too. A lot of them.

Stalling for 18 hours until Comic-Con with video games
This looks to be an Early Reading game. It's never too late to start.

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