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Some people never learn.
Animator and professional smartass LivingFruitVirus went back to the San Diego Comic-Con with his unsavory group of friends and will be reporting all the interesting goings-on again. What's in store for our adventurers this time? Let's find out...


Family Guy Panel
Video: In this video, grown men hope that an infant will someday find them attractive.
Video: Entertaining angry internet people is Serious Business.

Teen Titans Panel
Video: A new character on Teen Titans "goes really fast". I'm betting it's Sonic the Hedgehog.
Video: A live script read: The Teen Titans fight with grunts in this episode.
Video: Someone messes up their lines. They were all fired at the end of the panel.

I'd expect that sign outside a stripclub.
And now...THE TOONAMI IGPX PANEL COVERAGE! Oh wait. it's just this picture.
The massive exhibit hall. Take your kids to the doujinshi shop and show them all the covered-up comics.
Matt Wilson writes down all the reasons he hates that notepad.


Adult Swim Panel
A crowd gathers. One guy with a Sony HDR-FX1 camera stands in the middle. Triumphantly. Because his camera's worth $3,600. Steal it.
The Mayor/Eric dressed rather casual to the event.
This fan will be dead by nightfall.
Video: How the Robot Chicken guys met. I can't hear very well, but I think it has to do with a Publicist Vasectomy
Video: Approving Robot Chicken sketches. I hear they throw out sketch ideas if they aren't funny.
Video: The Aqua Teen Movie is in production. What followed this clip was the greatest 80 minutes of LFV's life - watching the ATHF movie. Unfortunately, in his excitement, he forgot to record it.

Boondocks Panel
The work of the man in the middle is feeding those other 4 peoples' children.
Video: Aaron McGruder talks about finding voice actors.
Video: Chris Farley's alive! He even did a little Chris Farley show bit there.

Teen Titans Panel
They're not teens. Or titans. I want my money back.
That cube looks embarassed to be with him. Can you blame 'em?
Video: New characters in the next season of Teen Titans.

'around the Exhibit Hall
What, you don't know the Star Wars character in the middle? Go away, you n00b.
If that was REALLY Wonder Woman, her bra strap wouldn't be showing.
Seth Green tries to bargain for his life.
Chewbacca and random fan are re-enacting this timeless television moment.
Tokyopop Booth
Bandai Booth
Hasbro Booth
Toynami Booth
FUNimation Booth
Voltron Toys
Massive Justice League Unlimited and One Piece posters
Sealab Toys
Birdman Toys (check out Meatwad and Frylock in the background)
Aqua Teen and Sealab Toys
Optimus Prime is King of the Acrylic.


Adult Swim Pitch Panel
They're like rockstars, what with their table and all.
What not to pitch. They're seen it all. Dont' even try.
4 Questions to ask yourself before wasting their time
Super Jail
God's Country
Saul of the Mole People
Moral Orel
Korgoth of Barbaria
Video: Why friends are so magical.
Video: Last-minute advice. Go get 'em, kid.

Viz Media Panel
There's only one guy that works for Viz. There he is. All half his head.
Inu Yasha Movie 3 on DVD in a few months.
...and in theaters too!
Zatch Bell on DVD later.
Hikaru no Go! too.
Naruto DVDs released in March '06. Edited at first, 4 eps per DVD. Uncut boxsets next July, 13 episodes per set.

Adult Swim continues its encroachment and inevitable assimilation of Cartoon Network by starting at 10pm on Sundays (an hour earlier) in October.
This means kids around the country will be forced into an earlier bedtime for the upcoming school year. Monday test scores will skyrocket.

Naruto's dub premiered at ComicCon (well, pieces of it did). Interestingly enough, the world still exists and the majority of humanity continues its activity as usual.
People at the screening say that Naruto might actually be voiced by Wendee Lee. For comparison of her voice talents, think Yahiko's voice from Kenshin.

Pictures and Videos
Meet your ComicCon tourguides!

Now meet their breakfast!
I don't NEED no polo shirt to let people know I'm elite.
This is the convention center's birth canal.
Sadly, that's not a costume.

Video: FYI, that song's supposed to be "Cruel Angel's Thesis".

Check back for more over the weekend!

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