May 2006

Best laid plans... up in smoke. Posted Monday, May 29, 2006, 1:39PM by Beefy
Adult Swim Action May 2006 Promo
Adult Swim Live Action Rationale I
Adult Swim Live Action Rationale II
Venture Brothers Season 2 Promo I
Venture Brothers Season 1 DVD Promo
Tom Goes to the Mayor Season 2 Promo I
Tom Goes to the Mayor Season 2 Promo II
Tom Goes to the Mayor Season 2 Promo III
Minoriteam Eighth Promo

Lucky number sLeven Posted Sunday, May 14, 2006, 1:39AM by Beefy
Fun with H.264:
Trigun Original Intro
Trigun Ending I
Eureka Seven First Intro
Eureka Seven Second Intro
Eureka Seven Third Intro
Eureka Seven Fourth Intro
Eureka Seven First Ending
Eureka Seven Second Ending
Eureka Seven Third Ending
Eureka Seven Fourth Ending
If you can't handle some of the Eureka Seven clips, then they will get the Blue Gender Ending treatment. So don't blow it.

Department of Redundancy Department Posted Monday, May 1, 2006, 5:02AM by Beefy
Saved by the Bell is done. Now let us never speak of it again.
Saved by the Bell Seventh Promo
"Hot" Dance Promo Black & White Version
"Hot" Dance Promo Color Version
American Dad Season 1 DVD Promo
Family Guy Season 4 Promo
Family Guy Swimming Promo
Family Guy Bad Food Promo
Family Guy Laughing Promo I
Family Guy Laughing Promo II
Robot Chicken Season 2 Promo II
Moral Orel Tenth Promo
Oblongs Family Promo II
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Flaming Meatwad Promo
Eureka Seven US Intro
Eureka Seven US Ending

This file was here before, but it was separated from the other R.O.D. stuff so you couldn't get to it. Why? Misfiled perhaps?
Read or Die Long Promo